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One of a kind
Sea glass wraps

Jewelry shaped by the sea, crafted by hand, each with its own unique story to tell from around the world. These genuine sea glass pendants are made from treasures found along my backpacking trips. Kept separate based on location, keep a piece of a special place close to heart where ever you are! Each beach explored for sea glass is cleaned of its rubbish and debris. One of a kind, just like you. Take your pick! 

Make a statement. If you are not a drop in the ocean, but an entire ocean in a drop, this is what it might look like these days. 8 MILLION TONS of plastic are dumped into our oceans every year. These unique rings are created from microplastics, Hawaiian lava sand, and sea glass found along my beach clean ups. Wear what you stand for and let these beautiful rings start  conversations that are meant to preserve and protect our oceans and planet.


Inspired by the worlds gnarliest waves, this ring is an every day reminder that the ocean is always keeping an eye on you. Collected along the North Shores iconic Banzai Pipeline, this ring symbolizes the seas power and the protection she provides to those that protect and respect her. For the adventurer, thrill seeker, and ocean soul. Explore with confidence knowing the Deepest has your back. 


Thankful for the people I've met and places I've seen along the way that have inspired these creations

Everyone can make a difference.

The foundation of A.B Seas was created out of love and respect for the ocean. Since it's origination in 2010, every piece of jewelry ever made was meant to foster a deeper connection to the people, places, and things that truly matter in our lives. In 2016, my entire life changed when a backpacking trip throughout South East Asia opened my eyes to the plastic epidemic that was debilitating our natural world. Right then and there my life mission was clear. As A.B Seas has traveled the world, it has focused on the expansion of bringing people from all walks of life together to understand the importance of our oceans and that we all are capable of positively influencing the world if we all play our part. It is my biggest hope that every Alice Birnbaum Creation can help start conversations that inspire conscious discussions, choices , and sustainable lifestyles while also spreading awareness and knowledge focused on ocean conservation and protecting what we love.

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