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Jewelry care and sizing chart

Every A.B Seas design is handmade with love, care and intention. Through these creations, we are dedicated to our mission of protecting and cleaning our oceans. We are so grateful for your support and hope that you allow your A.B Seas jewelry to speak for itself, supporting the conversations that follow by you just being you and wearing what you stand for! 

The Ocean Droplet line is created using microplastics, sea glass, and other elements found along my clean ups. Collected directly from the coasts of Hawaii and with our mission and planet always first on our mind, these elements are held together in their unique forms with Bioresin. Bioresin is biobased and created from renewable materials sourced as co-products or from waste streams of other industrial processes.  To guarantee a long lifetime for your jewelry, we use high end metals such as 92.5 Sterling Silver and 14K gold for all of our products. Please be careful and avoid dropping or hitting your gems to preserve your jewelry so you can enjoy your pieces for as long as possible! 

Metal care and sizing chart listed below.   

Silver and Gold Care

To make your jewelry last a lifetime, please be conscious of it's exposure to the natural elements. 

  • It is best to take off your jewelry before entering the ocean, working out, or showering. If you do get your pieces wet, please rinse with fresh water and then pat dry to avoid tarnishing, using a micro-cloth afterwards for a fine finish! 

  • Be aware of the oils and lotions you are using and the contact they might have with your jewelry. Chemicals from these products can wear away at your metals.

  • Avoid excessive heat and store in a safe and dry location.

Questions? Please feel free to contact me a "lets chat!" in the bottom right corner of this page to talk one-on-one!

Ring Sizing

Needing help with your ring size? We got you covered.

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