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Make a statement. 
Start the conversation.
Be the change.


From trash to Treasure

The mission

Every single minute the equivalent of a truckload of plastic is dumped into the ocean. The heart and soul here at A.B Seas is dedicated to creating jewelry that raises awareness for the big blue while taking action and cleaning our coasts wherever we might find ourselves on this planet! Each A.B Seas original is made with pure love and intention from items found along my beach cleans ups.  My priority with this jewelry is to make a bold and beautiful statement that opens opportunities to start conscious conversations about the state and reality of our oceans. My 20's were dedicated backpacking the world and exploring above and below the surface. 36 countries later, chasing the dirtiest beaches and selling my jewelry along the way, these experiences have only proven that regardless of where we are in this world, plastic pollution is a planetary epidemic that we all must tackle together.  So wear the jewelry. Make a statement. Start the conversation and most importantly- be the change. 

love me and the sea,


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From ocean Trash To Treasure

say it with me...

Together ours hearts and actions can change this world. 

join the wave

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