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"You are not a drop in the ocean; you are the entire ocean in a drop."


And this is what it might look like these days...

From Ocean Trash to Treasure

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What we do at A.B Seas






Water. Our source of life. Yet every single minute a truck load of plastic is dumped into the one ocean that connects us all. A body of water that is responsible for the air we breathe- the pure lubricant of life that supports our complete existence. And still, there is more plastic in our ocean than fish in the sea, 500x more microplastics in our ocean than stars in our galaxy. And still, the polluting cycle continues. Its more evident now than ever that there is a massive disconnect between our natural world and how our actions effect the health and
totality of this planet. And it's time for us to play our parts and stand together against plastic pollution so that this can be understood and shared globally. Here at A.B Seas we strive to make statements. To start the conversations. And most importantly to be the change. The universe has divinely guided me to this exact moment where I get to share my hearts work with you. A decade of traveling across the world, cleaning every beach along the way, this craft is a product of my experiences with plastic pollution within these 40 different countries. This island of Hawai'i gifted me the ability to see with new eyes. A choice to reframe my connection with the material- to turn trash into treasure. To alchemize this destructive material and to turn it into something beautiful. This is not just ocean plastic jewelry. Each and every single one of a kind piece in made to empower you. To step into your voice and your true power. Like the flap of the butterfly wing, or sway of a fishes tail, the ripples we put out into the world have the potential to change everything. Together anything is possible. Lets form and ride this wave of change.

WHY we do what we do.

love me and the sea, 
AB xx

Alice Birnbaum

Artist and Alchemist

Aloha fam, I'm Alice, the HEARTist behind A.B Seas, Alice Birnbaum Creations. 
 This ocean plastic craft of mine has been a massive part of my life for as long as I can remember and I am honored to share it here with you. I have been a child of the sea my entire life.  Like sea glass, the oceans energy and environment has shaped me into who I am today. Because of this, my jewelry is a pure expression of my soul and the experiences I've had cleaning countless beaches all across the world throughout my travels.
After these years of learning and exploration, the universe led me to Hawai'i where my life forever changed.  After almost a decade of chasing the worlds dirtiest beaches, I synchronistically stumbled across plastic beach and within moments this Ocean Droplet line was born in my tiny little jungalow studio. Ever since I've been sharing these ocean plastic creations worldwide, leading clean ups throughout the islands, even creating microplastic art within the school systems with the keiki! All with the support of my beautiful community. I am blessed to be living and leading this life. 
My biggest goal through my work is to inspire you to be the change! To showcase how our creativity has the power to transmute destruction and turn disaster into something beautiful. This is within each and every single of of us! And when do this together- we are unstoppable. 
Made with purpose and infused with deep love for our ocean,  may my creations inspire you to  share your heart and voice in solidarity with the sea!



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Thank you for being here and supporting my mission. I appreciate you

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